Drive Mobile Revenue by 16+% with Improved Loyalty

With the growth in mobile devices, the ‘User Experience’ becomes more critical than even just a year ago for driving customer loyalty.  I recently read a report on how customer experience drives 16% Increase in customer loyalty. And, customer loyalty drives revenue. It’s pretty simple logic.

It’s time to apply this to the mobile experience.

This Temkin Group report makes for some interesting reading. See Temkin Group. The difference in revenue can be in the tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars; depending on a company’s size.

ROI of Customer Experience

Reprinted with permission from the author.

I also recommend reviewing Temkin’s other reports for sale. See Research. By the way, I receive no remuneration for any recommendation.

With the rapid adoption of mobile devices, I believe customer experience can become a key differentiator for companies to separate themselves from the crowd.

It’s pretty obvious the old model of measuring performance based on outdated product-centric metrics like units sold per quarter or by geography needs to be complemented with other measurements.

Have you made an attempt to correlate customers of your mobile web site to business performance based on user experience?

Most of your competitors are still ‘just looking’ at the data. At least the statistics bear that out. Last year estimates from a variety of surveys show over 35% of respondents are ‘looking’ at correlating experience to customer acquisition, revenue generation, and shareholder value. A much smaller percentage are actively monitoring and acting on such information.

I highly recommend a visit to Gartner’s CRM Excellence Awards page where you can see the Gold and Silver winner case studies of ‘Customer Experience Excellence’.

Are you monitoring what customers are posting about experiences on Facebook, Twitter, or any online forum?

Mobile device consumers have higher expectations for what they get from a provider, and they are the most likely to switch if their expectations are not met.

Did you know that half of mobile search conversions happen in an hour?

That’s the research from Google’s survey of 6,000 smarphone users as of March 2013. And, there’s more. Forty-five percent of mobile searches are conducted to help make a decision, and that number jumps to two-thirds when happening in a store.

Understanding How Mobile Drives Conversion

What’s it all mean? Develop the metrics for measuring mobile user experience now. The window is still open for laggards, but in the mobile world 18 months is last decade’s two year window.

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