What component of Commerce is growing at an 86% growth rate?

MCommerce is growing at 86%, according to a report from the Baymard Institute that tested 18 sites including Amazon,  Walmart, Best Buy, 1-800-Flowers and more.

But, give your target market some consideration.  Consider that 37% of RueLaLa  business is coming from mobile, going up to 50% in the next year, and roughly 85% of traffic comes from iOS (Apple) traffic with less than 5% from Android.

Does that mean you should focus on iOS?

Consider that Android market share is at 59% and Q1 2013 accounted for 75% of mobile market share growth.

See more statistics at IDC.

As you might imagine, statistics might lead you down the wrong path if you do not know the source platform of your customer.

Or, maybe you should ask the customer to jump on iOS given given the amount of revenue iOS users spend. The iOS market is delivering 3 times more revenue than Android. Source.

And, tablet buyers are growing online sales faster than smartphone sales. Source.

mCommerce Sales by Device

Keep in mind that consumers are beginning the purchase search on mobile and often finishing at the desktop.  So, if consumers are often beginning the purchase mobile and finishing at the desktop, does that beg the question that something is wrong with ‘Useability’ at checkout?  I know of one company that changed one field at checkout that equated to a $300 mil increase in revenue. Unusual, yes.  However, this is an indicator that ‘checkout’ related to mCommerce might be a good finishing point after reviewing how the top mCommerce sites are approaching usability from the opening page.

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