Customer experience is the most exciting opportunity for marketers [infographic]

B2B eCommerce

Customer Experience represents the single most exciting opportunity for businesses this year, according to this 2014 Digital Trends Briefing.

According to Harvard Business Review blogger, Allen Richardson, a company must define and understand all dimensions of the customer experience in order to have long-term success.

Some companies segment the customer experience into technical interactions with the customer such as use of the web, smartphone or tablet.

Other companies define human interaction such as over the phone customer service or face-to-face retail service as the customer experience.

I’m going to say that a company must recognize the gray areas between segments caused by technology.

For example, a person goes back to the store to return an item; but cannot have the purchase credited back to their charge account without receipt.  They become very dissatisfied, yet those competitors connecting in-store systems with online systems will be offering a better customer experience.  This is happening now, and taken a step further, the customer can do self-service returns.


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