Forrester Study Shows B2B Ecommerce and Mobile a Must

B2B merchants are finding that selling online drives higher revenue and builds greater loyalty with customers. Forrester’s research shows that online-only and omnichannel B2B customers have higher average order values and are more likely to add items to orders, order in bulk, and make repeat purchases than offline only B2B customers. B2B merchants also find it easier to build loyalty with online-only B2B customers than with offline-only B2B customers by leveraging targeted crosssell and upsell offers.A profound shift in customer behavior from offline to online channels is fundamentally changing the way in which B2B merchants interact with and sell products to the end user.

Gordon Kiser‘s insight:

Basiscally, B2B is often five to ten years behind B2C in the use of technology for coordinating and measuring analytics for the customer experience including the very important Customer Service Experience. First enablers of the best platform technologies will take a commanding lead against their competition.

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