What “Integrated Marketing” Really Means

eCommerce Today

Today, the old definition of integrated marketing should probably be revisited.  The customer relationship has changed so much in the last few years.  When I ran across this article from Don Peppers, I thought I would pass it on since it makes so much sense.

He talks about why the current definition of Integrated Marketing no longer works.  As Don mentions, “Today, integrated marketing must involve not just integrating your own messages and communications, but integrating your customer more directly into the marketing, sales, and service processes themselves.” I’ve posted a link to this
article below and you can find that and more on my curation page: ecommerce today.

How are you using your eCommerce platform to provide a 360 degree view of your customer, AND better involve the customer in the experience, e.g. Smartphone displaying current sales while customer in-store;  are CSR agents given enough information from CRM and eComm platforms to engage the customer better than they currently engage?

The platforms provide the ability of the customer to engage in a 360 degree view, and those companies that are leading in this area will be most successful.

See on www.linkedin.com

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