What is PIM – Why Is Product Information Management Important?

First, who might benefit most from a PIM solution?

  • When your web team is bigger than 10 users
  • When you need to coordinate business user contributions through workflow and notifications
  • If you have to manage a product catalog > 250,000
  • If your products have more than 15 attributes
  • If you need to manage your catalog in more than 2 languages
  • If you have to consolidate input from multiple sources

Long gone are the days when basic product descriptions, specifications and plain photos were enough to sell products. Today, product detail pages include detailed descriptions, multiple photos, zoom functionality, video, ratings and reviews and so on.

Showcasing products from multiple angles, zoom functionality, 360 degree images, and video are just some of the ways B2C and B2B sellers are creating a more “real-life” representation of their products.

Sales are enhanced with product details that provide enriched content that brings context to the product, helping to guide the buyer through the decision-making process.

I  thought this short YouTube on Product Information Management might offer some insight on the importance of a PIM solution for B2B and B2C marketers trying to get a handle on product information.

Many sellers also include contextual and lifestyle content such as ‘How To’s’ and user guides. In addition, most retailers today incorporate user-generated content such as ratings and reviews to help the consumer make an informed decision. Some are even bringing customer-generated photos and videos shared on social media to showcase how real people, in real life, are using the products.

A PIM solution becomes very necessary.

Just a few problems when you do not have a PIM solution:

  • Product Detail Pages that do not impress with density and information and that fail to romance the product.
  • Lack of relevant tags and keywords leading to lower SEO effectiveness.
  • Inability to chase the long tail or expand virtually into compelling adjacent categories.
  • •Incomplete product information leading to increased activity at contact centers and higher return rates.

PIM value to the organization includes customer satisfaction, customer service, Detailed product content is a differentiator when it comes to customer experience. :

I highly recommend seeking out the PIM Value Index from Ventana to learn more. They offer an evaluation of leading PIM vendors. Forrester and Gartner are obviously other great resources.

Leaders include Informatica, Stibo, Riversand, IBM, Hybris are leaders with useful information found on their sites.

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